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Law Internships for High School Students

Looking to find law internships for high school students? If you’re in high school and aiming to have a career in law, you might be looking for ways to build up your resume. A law internship is only one of the various summertime activities available to you if you passionately aspire to have a career in law.

Law internships are a fantastic way to learn more about legal careers and determine whether they are suited for you. It is also helpful to add the experience to your college applications so that you can demonstrate your passion and establish that you are committed to a career in the legal profession.

In this article, we will discuss several outstanding law internships for high school students.

1. District Attorney’s Justice Academy (DAJA)

Reaching out to local government representatives is a fantastic strategy to build relationships with local government and explore how you can impact change at the community level if you are interested in law as it pertains to politics and public leaders.

For example, the District Attorney’s office in Alameda County runs a Justice Academy, which is a program that lasts for six months and is open to local high school students who are at least 16 years old. At the academy, students work in a professional setting and attend interactive seminars twice a month. Students who participate in this internship will have the opportunity to work under people who have a significant influence on the policies that, on a daily basis, affect their lives.

Find more details about DAJA, one of the law internships for high school students.

2. NYU High School Law Institute

New York University strongly encourages high school students to take advantage of the free classes taught on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm by NYU Law and undergraduate students. Because of COVID-19, the program is now being run entirely online during the Fall 2021 semester; however, it is possible that an in-person learning environment will be reinstated for subsequent sessions.

Constitutional law, criminal law, and moot court are among the topics covered in the classes. Classes are discussion-based and are also organized to cater to the various interests of the students. A College Day and Graduation are also included in the institute. The College Day includes a family workshop that introduces students to the college process. The Graduation involves a mock trial and moot court competitions with students from Columbia’s program and ends with a formal ceremony. Even though it is not an internship, this program is nonetheless going to help students learn more about the field in which they will be working.

Learn more about the NYU High School Law Institute

3. The DOI Pathways Program

This is one of the law internships for high school students. Students at all educational levels, from high school through graduate school, are eligible to apply for this paid internship offered by the United States Department of the Interior. There is a variety of hiring agencies within the DOI that provide either part-time or full-time internships which are relevant to the academic field of study or chosen career path of the intern.

This program will provide interns with an inside look into public and environmental policy, and it even offers the chance to eventually convert interns (if certain criteria are met) to either a permanent job position or a temporary position for one to four years.

Visit DOI’s official site for more details.

4. National Student Leadership Conference’s Law & Advocacy Program

The NSLC offers a nine-day program that high school students in grades 9 through 12 can participate in to have a feel of what it would be like to practice as a lawyer (this is more of an introductory program than law firm internships for high school students). The program runs at American University and Georgetown University in Washington, DC, on different weeks from June to early August.

During the course of the nine days, students have the opportunity to participate in a mock criminal trial, visit a law school, and have one-on-one discussions with trial, jury, forensic, and legal professionals.

The hands-on experience in a mock courtroom with practicing attorneys can be a significant addition to your CV (How to Write an Effective CV (Curriculum Vitae) in 2022), despite the fact that the tuition for this program is somewhat expensive.

If you have a strong interest in pursuing a career in law, you should take advantage of this opportunity. There is always the possibility of obtaining financial assistance from outside sources in the form of scholarships to help cover the tuition cost.

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5. California Innocence Project Legal Internship

You should apply for the legal internship at The California Innocence Project if you are interested in either criminal law or post-conviction law. Interns in this program are required to work in person at California Innocence Project’s San Diego office.

You are required to submit an application for the particular session that you would want to attend out of the three available ones (summer, fall, or spring).

The program allows for a certain amount of flexibility in scheduling, although interns are expected to work 15 to 35 hours a week (as a high school student, this time commitment might only be feasible during the summer session). Find more details here.

6. Passport to Work Youth Employment Services Program

The District of Columbia Courts is offering high school students the opportunity to participate in their Passport to Work Youth Employment Services Program. This program is a paid internship that is designed to familiarize students with the inner workings of a career in law.

The program will educate high school students on skills such as communication and time management that are essential for a career as a successful lawyer.

Working in a legal setting, even if the students’ tasks are primarily administrative in nature, gives them the opportunity to witness the legislative process firsthand. So, this is one of the best law firm internships for high school students.

For more information, visit the District of Columbia Courts official website.

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7. Internship with Congresswoman Lucy McBath

An internship under government officials is an excellent way to gain first-hand experience of public policy from individuals who are actually involved in it. It’s a good idea to get in touch with those who hold public office in areas that interest you or with politicians whose views and policies inspire you.

For instance, during the fall, spring, and summer in Washington, D.C., Congresswoman Lucy McBath offers full- and part-time internships.

Through activities such as sitting in on briefings and hearings, conducting research and drafting written materials, and fielding phone calls from constituents, interns will gain valuable insight into the inner workings of a congressional office. The interns are provided with stipends and will continue to work virtually until they are told otherwise.

To find law internships for high school students, the Lucy McBath official website has more information.

8. State Bar Association of North Dakota High School Mock Trial Program

Your state’s bar association is yet another excellent place to hunt for law firm internships for high school students. Bar associations can be found in many different regions or counties, and they often provide local high school students with the opportunity to participate in internship programs. Bar association internships can give you a first-hand view of what attorneys and other legal professionals accomplish throughout the course of a regular workday.

The State Bar Association of North Dakota runs a Mock Trial Program for students in high school. During their time in this program, students will gain vital skills in critical thinking and reasoning as well as an introduction to the American legal system, including knowledge about the trial process.

Students in the program will be prepared to compete in the National High School Mock Trial Championship, which is a competition that brings together high school students from all across the United States (and even some teams from other countries) to conduct mock trials.

Click here for more details.

9. National Youth Leadership Forum: Law & CSI

The National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF) provides students with the opportunity to participate in a program that focuses on either the legal or criminal science investigation careers. The Law program lets high school students go to a local courthouse to observe proceedings and take part in a mock trial.

In addition, law school professionals will explain the numerous career pathways available in the legal field and assist students in better understanding the law school trajectory. This is yet another opportunity that is more akin to an introductory program than an internship.

See the official link here

10. Constitutional Rights Foundation’s Expanding Horizons Institute

The Expanding Horizons Institute is established by the Constitutional Rights Foundation specifically for high school students who are enrolled in a Title I school and whose parents did not attend college.

This program promotes civic involvement and exposure to professional career paths in addition to preparing students for college through SAT prep and college admissions guidance.

You should make the most of these kinds of internships since they will provide you with a vital opportunity to network with other professionals and will help guide you toward a career in law.

Visit Constitutional Rights Foundation for more information.

If you were looking for internships at law firms for high school students, we believe this article has given you a substantial amount of the information you need.

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