Saratu Dan-Azumi

Little Nigerian Girl Wins Scholarship Up To University After Solving Math Questions

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A 13-year-old Nigerian girl named Saratu Dan-Azumi has won a scholarship from her primary education up to her university education after solving some tough mathematics questions.

Saratu, who is originally from Kano State in Northern Nigeria, faced difficulties since her poor parents were unable to enroll her in school so that she could receive an appropriate education.

However, after a video of her solving mathematics questions went viral, a generous Nigerian man named Bashir Ahmad took it upon himself to sponsor her education.

Bashir Ahmad through his Foundation said he will sponsor her up to her university education.

“The Bashir Ahmad Foundation has successfully concluded the enrollment of Saratu Dan-Azumi, a brilliant out-of-school girl, who effortlessly solves arithmetics without being taught, in a school in Gaya LGA.”

“The BAF sponsors her education up to university,” the Foundation wrote on Twitter.

After narrating how they were blown away by the young girl’s aptitude for mathematics, the Foundation went on to explain that they began their search for her as soon as the video of her solving arithmetics went viral on the internet.

“After receiving the video of the young talented girl from different people, I sent a delegation of my foundation to look for her and luckily she was found. We have agreed with her parent and we are going to sponsor her education to University.”

“We have already chosen a school for her and on Monday she will be enrolled in primary school. After that we will continue to look after her study and ensure that we fulfill our promises,” Bashir Ahmad wrote on his official Facebook account.

In addition to contributing to her education, the foundation, according to Bashir Ahmad, will put her through a program at a Digital Centre, where she will be educated in many aspects of information and communication technology.