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Nigerian Man Whose Mother Died While Struggling To Sponsor His Education Bags PhD In Accounting

A Nigerian man named Kolawole Babatayo, who lost his mother while she was working hard to pay for his education, has achieved amazing success after receiving a doctorate in accounting.

When Kolawole Babatayo celebrated his achievement on LinkedIn, he dedicated it to his mother, who, he said, had to sell her clothes to earn money for him to be able to go to school.

“I remembered how you were forced to trade off your clothes when you were unable to pay back the loan you took to pay my WAEC fee in the year 1997,” Babatayo narrated about his mother.

According to Babatayo, he had made a vow to his mother that he would do everything in his power to achieve the highest level of success possible in his educational pursuits. Before gaining admission into the University of Lagos, South-West, Nigeria, where he eventually got a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, he initially enrolled in a program leading to a Diploma degree.

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He resumed his academic pursuits at the University of Lagos in Nigeria, where he was awarded a Master’s Degree in Accounting, this time with the Highest Honors. Babatayo, who was intent on reaching the pinnacle of academic achievement, enrolled in Babcock University in the South-West of Nigeria.

He continued his education at Babcock University, where he received a Master of Philosophy in Accounting before going on to get a Ph.D. degree, which certified him as a Doctor of Science in Accounting.

Babatayo has expressed his joy at the fact that he has been able to keep the promise he made to his mother before she passed away.

”I did promise you that I would strive to get to the summit of my educational journey. The promise, by the GRACE OF GOD has been fulfilled today,” he said.

“Your SON has now been officially hooded and conferred with a Doctorate Degree in Accounting. Unfortunately, the cold hand of death didn’t allow you to witness this day,” he added.

He expressed his gratitude to his late mother and begged that she may finally find the peace she deserves as he continued to accomplish things that would have made her proud.

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