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Novo Nordisk Internship in Bagsværd, Denmark 2022-2023

If you were unable to participate in the Novo Nordisk Internship in Bagsvaerd, Denmark, in 2022, you now have the chance to participate in the Novo Nordisk Internship in Bagsvaerd, Denmark, 2023 as this article is going to prepare and arm you with the necessary information.

Apparently, the deadline for submitting applications for graduate positions that will begin in 2022 has passed. However, Novo Nordisk will begin accepting applications for graduate positions beginning in September 2023 during the fall of 2022.

The Novo Nordisk Internship Graduate Program is a global career journey that takes place over the course of two years and consists of a minimum of three rotations, with at least one international rotation. The Graduate Program at Novo Nordisk serves as the company’s flagship “Talent Program.” The Graduate Program at Novo Nordisk was where many of the company’s current top leaders got their start in the company, including CEO Lars Fruergaard Jrgensen.

During the course of the program, you will acquire a profound understanding and knowledge of the organization, the nature of its operations, and the core principles that guide the organization. In addition to being a part of and driving both global and national projects, you will also have the opportunity to build a powerful international network of professional and devoted coworkers.

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You will have the necessary professional and personal skills after successfully completing the program to launch your global career with a position at Novo Nordisk – perhaps as a project manager, brand or product manager, or an internal consultant.

Eligibility For Novo Nordisk Internships

Candidates must;

  • Be service-minded
  • Thrive in a busy environment
  • Bring a can-do attitude
  • Have the ability to manage several projects at the same time
  • Have sound personal judgment
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills
  • Be fluent in speaking and writing Danish
  • Have strong personal drive and dedication
  • Have strong work ethic and a willingness to take responsibility for your own learning

Application Requirements For Novo Nordisk Internship

  • Applicants are required to have a Master’s degree that was earned within the past five years and be relevant to the position being applied for. In addition, they must have a minimum of six months of international experience gained through working, studying, or volunteer work.
  • A maximum of one year of relevant work experience after graduation, academic achievements that are above average, and the ability to relocate internationally.
  • Because English is used as the corporate language in Novo Nordisk, you are expected to be able to read, write, and communicate effectively in the language.

Benefits of Novo Nordisk Internship

Novo Nordisk is always looking for talented people who are interested in contributing to the effort to improve the lives of patients, as the company has a shared passion for doing so. Students who bring fresh perspectives and new ways of thinking to this organization are eligible for this internship opportunity, which offers exciting learning opportunities.

Available positions at Novo Nordisk

Currently, there are no available positions at Novo Nordisk but positions will become available during the fall of 2022. Meanwhile, the following are the programme tracks that the company hired for in September 2022.

  • Global Business
  • Global Marketing
  • International Operations Business (Korea, Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Denmark, China, Saudi Arabia, Poland)
  • Global Finance
  • Global Procurement
  • International Operations Finance (Poland, Turkey, Denmark, Brazil, Korea, Australia, Japan, China)
  • Regulatory, Medical and Safety
  • Trial Management
  • Data Science
  • Global Market Access
  • Manufacturing Technology

How and when can I apply for Novo Nordisk Internship?

Applications for the Novo Nordisk Internship will be accepted beginning in the fall of 2022, and the graduate positions will begin in September of 2023. During the recruitment period, you will be able to view the available graduate positions in their Job section and submit an application for one of those positions. You can also sign up for their job agent on that page, which will cause you to get an email whenever a position that meets your requirements becomes available.

Application Process for Novo Nordisk Internship

Step 1:

Figure out which track (or tracks) are most applicable to you! In case you have any doubts, please check out the Graduate program brochure and evaluate which option would be the most suitable for you given your academic background and current areas of interest. You can also meet the company at one of its many career events that are held all over the world and find out more information about the various graduate program tracks that are offered.

Step 2:

Please proceed to apply by following the application process when you have located the position that is the best match for your profile and the goals you have for your career.

After providing information about yourself and your education background, you will be prompted to upload your curriculum vitae, most recent transcript, and motivational letter. The motivational letter is your chance to show us why you are a great fit for the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme!

In the motivational letter, you’ll need to share the following with Novo Nordisk:

    • Your reasons for wanting to work in the pharmaceutical industry, at Novo Nordisk, and in the Graduate Program
    • What your expectations are – specifically, what are your expectations of the graduate program, and how do you anticipate the program will support your professional goals?
    • Your suitability with the program, as well as the personal and professional qualities that make you an excellent candidate for it

A personal video response to a question pertinent to the program track for which you are applying, to be no longer than one minute in length, is also required as part of the application process (the question is available in the job ad). This will give the company a better understanding of who you are as a person and how you will fit into their organization.

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When you submit your application, please ensure that you have both your resume and a transcript of your most recent grades ready to go.

Step 3:

Candidates who have been shortlisted will receive an invitation to participate in an initial interview, which may take place over the phone or online and will be conducted by the programme manager or a local HR representative. Candidates who were not selected for an interview will be informed via e-mail that they were not chosen for further consideration.

Step 4:

Candidates who fare well in the selection process will receive an invitation to the online Graduate Recruitment Centre, where they will take part in both group and individual activities. Candidates who participated in the Graduate Recruitment Centre will receive feedback on their experiences there.

Step 5:

The process of hiring new employees has reached its very last stage. Following the conclusion of the Graduate Recruitment Centre, the remaining pool of applicants will be contacted for a second interview. These interviews will also include assessments of the candidates’ personalities and abilities, and positions in the graduate program will subsequently be offered to the individuals who are deemed to be the most qualified.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my Novo Nordisk Internship application stand out?

Be yourself, and explain why you think Novo Nordisk is the kind of company you'd like to work for. What drives you, and why do you think that having a degree could be such an incredible accomplishment? The organization is interested in learning more about YOU.

Is the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme paid?

Yes, the Graduate Programme is considered a full-time position and your salary will be comparable with an entry-level position. The compensation and benefits package including components such as pension and health insurance are based on local terms and depends on which country you are hired in.

Does Novo Nordisk sponsor visas for international students?

Yes, all nationalities can apply to the programme. If selected, Novo Nordisk helps you secure your work visa.

Where and how will I live as a graduate?

If you need to relocate to Denmark to join the Graduate Programme, the company can support you in finding a place to live. It will be in central Copenhagen with easy access to public transport and close to or living with other graduates. This is a great way of starting a network when living in a new country. If you start in the International Operations Business programme track, you will have to be a resident in the country you start your graduate journey in and accommodation in the first rotation will be your full responsibility. For all programme tracks, you will receive full support when going on your international rotation(s), so you won’t have to worry about the practicalities around the relocation process.

Can I apply to the Graduate Programme before officially graduating?

Yes, as long as you plan to graduate within the same year that you are starting in a graduate position. It is also okay if you have not received your official graduate diploma before starting in the Graduate Programme, as long as you have finished your studies and are just waiting for the official papers.

What if I graduated a year ago and have been working elsewhere for a year?

This is an entry-level position and often Novo Nordisk graduates join the programme immediately after completing their master’s degree, but candidates with 1-2 years of experience after graduation are also more than welcome to apply.

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